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Lake Home Interior Design

If anything is popular in Minnesota it's the lake home, and if anything is a trend, it's making the lake home more than a place to bait hooks and store water skies. The lake home of today needs to be a special place that evokes pleasant memories of times long past and helps build invaluable memories for the future. Now, don't get me wrong, fishing and waterskiing are great fun and certainly part of any lake experience but when you come in from the lake the experience of the lake home should be filled with memories and meaning. Do you remember the first fish you caught with the help of your dad or grandfather? The fresh warm pancakes set on your plate by a smiling grandmother? These and hundreds memories of young days in the country or on a northern lake can be brought back by good design that intentionally uses elements that bring a sense of memory and charm that helps you live life well. Too often, with the distance between a primary home and a vacation home the numerous decisions that go into good, meaningful lake home design are made in a hurried manner that doesn't do your investment in the property real justice. Bear and moose pillows may be cute but if the whole d├ęcor is bears and moose or, for the sake of an easy decision, the furniture is "matchy-matchy" the lake home will take on a very basic, uninspired feel that says "Everybody does this so I guess I will too." Why travel to such a boring place? With the value of lakeshore where it is today why not make your lake home a very special place with a character that matches your memories of the past and your vision of memories yet to be. A place that functions well for the activities you look forward to and envelopes you in the warmth of belonging.