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Kitchen Design

Kitchen design is a very important part of any new building or remodeling project because kitchens have become such a hub of family life. I can help you design a kitchen that will maximize its usage both for everyday eating and entertainment. Within the kitchen, cabinetry is usually the single largest investment and represents your greatest opportunity to maximize use and create a distinct character for the kitchen. By selecting the right species of wood, the best cabinet door/drawer design, the best stain or glazing and finally; hardware that makes a statement. Other important elements to be selected include flooring, plumbing selections, appliances to serve your needs and lighting. Along with these, I also provide creative tile and stone backsplash designs that will give your kitchen its own special personality. Kitchens offer a great opportunity to provide a wonderful feeling for your family as they gather for breakfast or snacks and a marvelous experience for welcomed guests. Whether you are building new or investing in a remodel of your existing home, good kitchen design is essential both for your living enjoyment and for the future value of your home.